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B.East Magazine’s ‘Meat’ Issue is charboiled

This juicy ‘Meat’ issue is the 13th incarnation of the magazine, and even the B.East seems to have fallen under the evil auspices of that unlucky number. What was supposed to have taken six months dragged on for much longer as things didn’t just go pear-shaped—they went bear-shaped. Read more…

B.East Black&Whiteout issue has Claws

Growling on your Desktop

July 20, 2010

B.East Magazine’s cult ‘RED’ issue, whose print version has completely sold out, is now available for digital download on London-based OtherEdition. Check it out on OtherEdition/Beast. For the first time, our fans can now download the entire magazine in digital format for their Macs or PCs. You can release the Beast on your desktop right now!

The classic Red Issue, with its leprous Russkie Ronald Mc Donald on the cover (which caused one of our advertisers to drop her lunch box) includes bloody images from St. Petersburg’s Dr. Evil, a travel journey through Communist Romania, adventures on St. Petersburg’s Red Line, and a gorgeously tongue-in-cheek fashion editorial by Moscow’s Ja’Bagh Kaghado. Some advertisers dropped out after the issue and it’s outrageous graphic style was critisized as too loud & simplistic. However, in retrospect it has become our favorite issue, the one that distilled the B.East essence by instinct.

Our next Black&White-out issue, which is debuting in October, is also going to be available for the iPad and iPhone, so stay tuned to this site for more signs from the Beast.