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Latvian Babes to March in Blonde Parade

This just came in on the wires so thought I’d share it with B.East readers. Blondes are marching through Riga in short skirts this weekend to help dispel the country’s economic blues. Just proves us right when we predicted a year ago that in times of crisis skirts get shorter, and hair longer. When you can’t show off your new Dolce&Gabbana baby doll dress, you might as well turn back to mother nature. Where did you get your body from? I got it from my momma. I got it from my momma.
The Latvian Blond Parade comes on the heels of Kiev’s Femen organising a massive rave in the center of the city last weekend to protest Sexual Tourism. The irony is that even though the girls were protesting seedy sex travelers, they chose to dress in revealing outfits, invited DJ Hell from Munich’s steamy Gigolo (Yes, Gigolo) records down and chose to jump up and down on stage like it was 1999! What’s happening in East Europe? Well, as long as the blondes in the parade look like the ones who went wild at your Riga Beast party last year (see below) we’re not complaining.

Riga – Up to 2,000 blondes are expected to march through the streets of the Latvian capital Riga at the weekend, in a politically- incorrect celebration planned by the Latvian Blondes Association.

The so-called ‘Parade of Blondes’ will enforce a strict dress code for the day with all women marching in fetching red, pink and white outfits.

Ahead of the event, individuals and teams of up to 10 blondes have been registering at a dedicated website which includes a history of Barbie dolls, blonde jokes and information about a campaign to make UNESCO designate May 31 as ‘International Blondes Day.’

As well as the main parade, participants will compete in blonde golf and tennis tournaments, a fashion show and will attend various parties.

Prizes will also be awarded for best blonde policewoman, best blonde TV star and even best blonde journalist.

The mobilisation of blonde power also aims to raise money for Latvian children’s charities.